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Our Provider

Natalie Theriault

Having been born and raised in Idaho it’s no wonder I had never experienced acupuncture before the age of 30! At the time I was working as a surgical tech at Primary Childrens Hospital. I specialized in neurosurgery which means everyday I was working with world renowned surgeons, amazing health professionals, and mostly chronically ill patients. I believe some days we worked miracles together, there were also a number of days I felt like there had to be a better option for some of these children.

I considered learning massage therapy as a way to provide comfort and some relief to the patients that were spending many days and weeks in the hospital. While searching for massage programs I came across a Chinese Medicine program that included acupuncture, herbal medicine and traditional massage training. And I’ve never looked back!

I am passionate about providing care that feels good, everyone needs therapeutic touch. My goal is to provide a calm and safe healing environment that leads to results and positive change for patients.

These days I’m spending my time studying (always studying!) to earn a fellowship as a fertility specialist in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

In my spare time I’m probably drinking tea, enjoying nature, researching something and trying to decide what’s for dinner. All with my baby girl on my hip or under my feet.

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